1.2m x18 metres Frost Diffusion Paper for Videography and photography


Unveiling the Magic: Frost Diffusion Paper for Videography and Photography

Elevate Your Visual Storytelling

Transform ordinary scenes into enchanting narratives with our Frost Diffusion Paper. This versatile tool empowers you to craft captivating visuals, adding a touch of magic to your videography and photography projects. Whether you’re capturing the warmth of a sunlit portrait or the dreamy ambiance of a romantic setting, our diffusion paper ensures every frame tells a compelling story.

Seamless Softening for Sublime Shots

Step into a world of soft, diffused lighting that effortlessly enhances your subjects. Our Frost Diffusion Paper creates a seamless blend of highlights and shadows, eliminating harsh contrasts and giving your images a professional touch. Elevate your portraits with a gentle glow that highlights natural beauty, making every shot magazine-worthy.

Dive into Creativity with DIY Lighting

Unleash your creativity by customizing your lighting setup. Our diffusion paper is designed for easy integration into your photography or videography kit. Craft DIY diffusers or modify existing light sources with our Frost Diffusion Paper, allowing you to experiment with various diffusion levels. From subtle softness to dramatic effects, the power to shape your lighting lies in your hands.


  • Produces smooth graduated lighting
  • Reduces hot spots
  • Lowers contrast
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Great for DIY scrims
  • Waterproof and dampproof


This is a 1.2m x18m roll  translucent diffusion paper that is used to soften harsh light for your filming or photography needs. It’s other roles include reducing hot spots, shadows and lowers contrast. It is mostly used in conjuction with other modifiers to create smooth graduated lighting, without harsh edges.

It is quick and easy to set up by mounting on a background support system or clamp it to a boom arm.


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