120cm Bowens Mount Grid softbox for Strobes


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Softboxes are used for softening and increasing the size of a smaller light source, and diffuse bare flash light sources. A softbox controls the shape and direction of light more than an umbrella and prevents more light-spill from occurring.Studio soft box diffuses the strobe flash giving you that perfect even lighting you need for the best shots possible.


  • Skin tones come to life and blemishes fade away.
  • Colors pop and your shots can go to new levels or professionalism with a good photography softbox.
  • With Standard size Bowens speed mounts, this hiqh quality soft box fits right in any studio.

The large size of the photo softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots.

Package includes

  • 2 Diffuser
  • 1 grid
  • Bowens mount Adapter
  • Bag

Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya

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