200 Wats LED Light Single-Colour


Unleash Vibrant Creativity with ACE-L200 Single Colour

Elevate Your Artistic Expression

Ignite your creativity with the ACE-L200 Single Colour, a revolutionary tool designed for artists seeking unparalleled vibrancy in their creations. This section delves into how this product enhances your artistic expression through its vivid color delivery and precision.

Immerse yourself in a spectrum of brilliant hues as you effortlessly glide the ACE-L200 across your canvas. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, the richness of colors produced by this tool will breathe life into your artwork. Say goodbye to dull moments and embrace the extraordinary with ACE-L200!

Precision Performance for Every Stroke

Experience the epitome of precision with ACE-L200 Single Colour. This section focuses on the advanced features that make this product stand out, providing artists with the tools they need for intricate details and flawless strokes.

The fine-tuned tip of the ACE-L200 ensures each stroke is defined with unparalleled accuracy. No more compromises on details – bring your visions to life with absolute precision. Elevate your artwork from ordinary to extraordinary, making every stroke count with ACE-L200’s precision performance.

Seamless Integration into Your Creative Process

This section emphasizes the versatility and seamless integration of the ACE-L200 Single Colour into various creative processes. From sketching to shading, this product is tailored to adapt to your artistic preferences and workflows.

The ergonomic design of ACE-L200 ensures comfort during prolonged creative sessions, allowing you to focus on your art without distraction. Whether you’re a digital artist or prefer traditional mediums, the ACE-L200 seamlessly integrates into your toolkit, becoming an extension of your creative expression.

ACE-L200 single Colour

Actual Power 210W

CR1 97 TLCI 97

LUX/26000LM With lampshade or softbox Lighting mode -10 modes

Built-in 2.4G wireless module 16 channels Brightness 0-100% 0ver 50,000 hour life time of high cob chip Remote Control Built-in 2.4G wireless module 16 channels can be selected to control lights at any angle within 35 metres

AC-110-240V 50/50HZ UK PLUG


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