4 In 1 Xqd Card Reader Usb Memory Sd Card Reader ,and Writer With Free Converter For Type C



* XQD card reader support Sony G/M series ,reader and writer SD /SDHX/SDXC card , two XQD and two SD card , you can share your fun with your friends , family .
* XQD card reader is designed for photographers to download pictures and 4K video from XQD card reader to laptop/computer.
* USB3.0 ,data transfer up to 5Gbps , Fast transfer , make your work efficiency
* plug and play , not need driver request

A 4-in-1 XQD card reader with USB, SD card reader, and writer capabilities, along with a free converter for Type C, is a versatile accessory for transferring and managing your digital files. Let’s break down its features:

  1. XQD Card Reader: XQD cards are commonly used in high-end digital cameras and video recording devices. The XQD card reader allows you to transfer data from your XQD cards to your computer or other devices with ease.
  2. USB Memory Card Reader: This feature allows you to read and write data to various types of memory cards, such as SD cards, microSD cards, CF cards, and more. It provides compatibility with a wide range of memory card formats, making it a versatile tool for photographers and other professionals.
  3. SD Card Reader: Specifically designed for SD cards, this reader offers a dedicated slot for your SD memory cards. You can quickly transfer photos, videos, and other files from your camera’s SD card to your computer or another device.
  4. Writer Functionality: The writer functionality allows you to save data onto your XQD or other memory cards, making it convenient for backing up files, creating duplicates, or transferring data to your camera or other devices.
  5. Free Type C Converter: A free Type C converter is included in the package, which means you can connect this 4-in-1 card reader to devices with USB Type-C ports. This ensures compatibility with modern laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Overall, a 4-in-1 XQD card reader with USB memory card reader capabilities, an SD card reader, and writer functionality, along with a free Type C converter, is a valuable tool for photographers, videographers, and anyone working with digital media. It simplifies the process of transferring and managing your data across various devices and card formats.


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