Concave Shutter Release Button


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Selens Convex Purple Metal Shutter Release Button for Leica, Rolleiflex, Fujifilm, Hasselblad 9mm

* Selens series of soft release buttons ensures a comfortable finger touch at the top of your camera.Our soft release
buttons are shaped to nestle comfortably under the index finger first joint,enabling a softer shutter release and
allowing lower shutter speeds without shake.

* The button is made of Metal,polished and enamel painted.It’s very comfortable to press on the button. The button
surface and edge are very smooth.
* This series soft release buttons are divided into two different shapes- concave surface and convex surface.
* It decorates your camera,Fits most shutter button with a threaded hole,which will make your camera look more stylish
and elegant.
* After it is mounted on your camera,each time you capture a photo,you can feel its smooth soft surface.
Additionally,the two kinds of release buttons are both available in 12 colors
Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya


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