K&F Concept 24mm APS full-frame sensor cleaning swab


Optimal Sensor Cleaning Performance

Elevate Your Photography with Precision

Unlock the full potential of your camera with the K&F Concept 24mm APS full-frame sensor cleaning swab. Our meticulously crafted swabs guarantee optimal cleaning performance, ensuring crystal-clear images for your photography endeavors. Engineered with care, these swabs effectively eliminate dust, smudges, and contaminants, allowing your camera sensor to capture every detail with unparalleled clarity. Invest in the quality your artistry deserves and witness the transformative impact on your photographic output.

Gentle and Safe Sensor Care

Delicate Cleaning for Sensitive Sensors

Preserve the longevity of your camera sensor with the K&F Concept 24mm APS full-frame sensor cleaning swab. Our cutting-edge design incorporates soft and lint-free materials, providing gentle yet thorough cleaning. Say goodbye to worries about scratches or damage to your sensor’s delicate surface. Trust in the precision of our swabs to maintain the integrity of your equipment, ensuring a reliable and lasting performance that aligns with your commitment to excellence.

Hassle-Free Maintenance Experience

Streamlined Cleaning Process, Maximum Results

Revolutionize your sensor cleaning routine with the K&F Concept 24mm APS full-frame sensor cleaning swab. Experience the convenience of a swab specifically tailored to fit your camera’s needs. The ergonomic design ensures a hassle-free application, making sensor maintenance a seamless part of your photographic journey. Simplify your cleaning process while achieving maximum results, allowing you to focus more on capturing extraordinary moments and less on the upkeep of your valuable equipment.

  The  K&F Concept 24mm APS full-frame sensor cleaning swab, dust-free and vacuum sealed, is tailored according to the size of the FullFrame sensors. K&F Concept Specialize in design,research,manufacturing,and marketing of photographic accessories.

Product name
K&F Concept 24mm aps full-frame sensor cleaning swab ; 24mm Disposable Dust Free Microfiber Fabric Full-frame Camera Sensor Lens Cleaning Swabs for Glass Laser Lense Cleaning
Cleaning swab

Soft and flexible swab head spreads pressure evenly across the sensor.

It allows the swab to achieve the best cleaning result.
Super fine microfiber head-cover is laser cut. It is super fine, smooth and lint-free.
Safe and Powerful Cleaner
The cleaner liquid is made from ultrapure water, effectively clean sensors without leaving streaks or blemishes.
Leak-proof Bottle
The cleaner liquid is stored in a unique designed leak-proof bottle and featured with a secure cap that prevents leakage during movement.
Package including
10pcs*cleaning swab + 1*20ml cleaning liquid


Step 1

Use a professional air blower to blow loose dust off the sensor.

Step 2
Apply only 1 drop of cleaner onto the head of swab. After 10 seconds, drag the swab slowly and smoothly from the left of the sensor to the right.

Stept 3
Turn the swab around and drag the clean side of the swab from right to left. Throw this swab away and never reuse a used swab.


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