Maonocaster AME2 Soundcard Streaming Podcast


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*BT Function
*Instrument Interface
*Three output channels
*Two-person streaming
*XLR interface
*Noise Canceling

Maonocaster E2, a portable all-in-one audio interface withmultiplefunctions including audio effects, mixer control, auto-tunecontrol, loopback, side chain, noise reduction and more.

Two-person streaming Supports two mic input at the same time. XLR interface Noise CancelingWith up to 60dB of gain range and phantom power to support premium dynamic and condenser microphones. Effectively reduce environmental noise,deliversclear sound.

Product Summary Maonocaster E2 is a professional sound card for streaming, podcasting, and recording. Two mic input interfaces allowing connection with instruments like guitar, and supports background music from audio input via Bluetooth and AUX connection. 2 analog and 1 USB audio output channels allows simultaneous connection with 3 streaming devices. The powerful built-in audio chip delivers professional studio level audio and provides rich mixing adjustment options. 11 custom buttons for personalized effects setting and unique streaming styles. Cooperation support u High performance price ratio product u Brand influences u Visual material support u Marketing support


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