Multiple Power Hubs D-Tap Switch Min 4 Female Plus


For Lights/Displays Multiple Power Hubs D-TAP Coiled Cable With Switch 1 Min 4 Female + 2 DC Ports + 1 USB here are 4 D-Tap female connectors, which are very suitable for ultra-light power supply of multiple wireless receivers, on-board displays and a camera battery. In addition to the D-Tap female port, there is a 5V/2.1A USB jack and two 8V and 12V DC ports to meet more power supply needs. There are two 0.64 cm screw holes on the back, which can be used to install on photographic equipment With a switch button, you can directly turn it on or off without inserting and unplugging the connector, and the indicator light will be displayed when it is working.


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