NEEWER CL-60B: Color-Adjustable 60W LED Video Light




Unleash Creativity with NEEWER CL-60B: Color-Adjustable 60W LED Video Light

Illuminate Your Creativity with the CL-60B Bi-Color 60W LED Video Light

Unleash Vivid Colors

Elevate your content creation with the NEEWER CL-60B Bi-Color 60W LED Video Light’s exceptional color rendering capabilities. This video light boasts a wide color temperature range, from warm hues at 3200K to cool tones at 5600K, ensuring that your videos showcase accurate and vibrant colors. Whether you’re shooting a captivating vlog or a professional interview, the adjustable color temperature empowers you to create visually stunning and lifelike content.

Seamless Brightness Control

Experience unparalleled control over your lighting environment with the NEEWER CL-60B’s dimmable feature. Tailor the brightness to your specific needs, whether you’re going for a soft, ambient glow or a bright and energetic look. This versatility makes it a perfect companion for various settings, from intimate indoor shoots to dynamic outdoor productions. Illuminate your subjects flawlessly and add a touch of professionalism to every frame.

Compact and Portable Design

Crafted with convenience in mind, the NEEWER CL-60B is designed to be portable without compromising on performance. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to transport, allowing you to capture stunning visuals wherever your creativity takes you. Don’t let the size fool you – this 60W LED video light packs a powerful punch, ensuring that you always have the perfect lighting setup at your fingertips.


  • photographic strobe lighting: Simple design, compact size, portable and convenient.
  • perfect choice: Led night light is the perfect choice for reading and watching movie. It will help you save time and labor, which will be your eyes in a dark environment.
  • visible: Simple operation, no additional piping and energy saving design, provide a more convenient life for your eyes.


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