Newell Sony NP-FZ100 SupraCell Battery Replacement


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Newell SupraCell NP-FZ100 is an innovative battery replacement designed for cameras. The cells and modern electronics used in it will satisfy even the most demanding users. The SupraCell line was created especially for intensive use, as well as very frequent charging and discharging. The presented cell offers up to 2300 mAh capacity.

Main Product Features

  • New version of the NP-FZ100 replacement battery from the recognized brand Newell
  • created for intensive and long-lasting use
  • long life (resistant to a large number of charging cycles)
  • ability to work in extreme temperatures (from 20 to 90ºC)
  • Backed by a 40-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • high capacity of 2300 mAh / 17.2 Wh
  • Quality proven by years of experience of Newell
  • High battery capacity
  • protection against overheating, overloading and overcharging
  • equipped with innovative cells and state-of-the-art electronics
  • housing made of innovative cells
  • housing made of fire-resistant V1 material
  • equipped with NTC resistors responsible for cell temperature control
  • Compatible with original chargers and their substitutes
  • No “cell effect”.
  • no “memory effect”
  • attractive battery colors


  • Sony:
    • A7III
    • A7RIII
    • A7RIV
    • A9
    • A9II
    • A6600


  • Model: Newell SupraCell replacement NP-FZ100
  • Technology: Li-ion
  • capacity: 2300 mAh / 17.2 Wh
  • voltage: 7.4 V

Kit contents

  • Newell SupraCell battery replacement NP-FZ100

Even more possibilities

Newell SupraCell replacement NP-FZ100 battery was created with the most demanding users in mind. Many years of experience of the world-renowned brand allowed the creation of a cell that offers even greater durability and performance. The battery is resistant to a large number of charging cycles, which means that you can enjoy the capacity of 2300 mAh for a very long time. You don’t have to worry about the fact that after a few months of intensive use, the life of the cell will significantly shorten. SupraCell series is a completely new quality of replacements!

Working in harsh conditions

If you often reach for your film or photography equipment outdoors, you’re sure to know that batteries and their replacements can go crazy at very low temperatures. The Newell SupraCell NP-FZ100 will provide you with optimal comfort in just such situations. When designing the cell, the engineers took into account extremely low and high temperatures (from 20 to 90ºC). The battery pack is also equipped with NTC resistors. They are responsible for temperature control of the cell, which is closed in a casing made of fire resistant material. All these improvements will allow you to forget about complications connected with using the replacement and fully focus on your work or passion!


The Newell SupraCell replacement NP-FZ100 battery uses an intelligent protection system based on an electronic IC. It regulates the charging process while ensuring a high level of safety. There are also a number of technologies to protect against overheating, overcharging and overloading. Thanks to all these innovations, the NP-FZ100 battery replacement guarantees even greater reliability and durability!

40-month manufacturer warranty

Newell has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world who have been enjoying high quality replacements for batteries used in a wide variety of devices. It is with them in mind that the service warranty on all Newell products has been extended to 40 months. Choosing Newell batteries you can be sure that they will serve you for at least 3 years while working and realizing your passions!


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