Portable Mini Video Camera Slider


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* Lightweight, portable camera slider supporting up to 5kg.
* 280mm total length, 255mm travel distance.
* The precise alignment and two adjustable knob on the ends for different tilt angle.
* Slidable base plate with the locking knob on the base plate and allows to use as a friction brake.
* Reinforced aluminum construction.
* Slide rails positioned are on the inside for extra protection.
* Portable and lightweight at 730g.
* Compatible with different camera, DV, camcorder and etc.
* Ideal for travel allowing you to capture smooth live motion and time lapses with single camera.
* To take up less room in your camera bag than other sliders.
* Fout legs when placed on the flat surface for additional stabilities.
* Ideal for close up shots.
* Travel friendly and fits into virtually any camera bag.
Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya


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