White/Silver Interior Bowens Mount 85cm Beauty Dish Quick Setup with Grid


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Collapsible/Foldable Parabolic shaped with 16 anodized rods Made for use during portrait shoots wedding etc Bowens Mount compatible Easy to open Comes with double diffusers (indoor and outdoor) Beauty Dish Size: 85cm (Diameter) The 85cm Umbrella beauty dish provides you with the speed of an umbrella mechanism and the shaping of a beauty dish. The set up and pack down of this light modifier is simple, fast, and efficient. This soft box also has a deep parabolic design, bigger parabolic depth, all these to increase the light intensity.This silver version creates more contrast , highlights and brings out more detail.when compared to the white version which gives more soft and smoother light.This folding beauty dish is available in 65, 85cm, and 105cm, 150cm sizes. All sold with a Grid.The 85cm beauty dish provides the softest wrap on the subject.


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