105cm White Bowens mount Beauty Dish Softbox with Deflection Disk with Grid



  • Color: White (interior)
  • Collapsible/Foldable
  • Parabolic shaped with 16 anodized rods
  • Made for use during portrait shoots
  • Bowens Mount compatible
  • Easy to open
  • Comes with double diffusers (indoor and outdoor)
  • Beauty Dish Size: 105cm (Diameter)

The 105cm Purple Apple Umbrella beauty dish provides you with the speed of an umbrella mechanism and the shaping of a beauty dish. The set up and pack down of this light modifier is simple, fast, and efficient. It is made up of 16 anodized support rods that provide the softbox with a rounder shape, creating more flattering catchlights in the eyes. This soft box also has a deep parabolic design, bigger parabolic depth, all these to increase the light intensityThe inner lining of the beauty dish is made from professional grade non reflective fabric, has higher soft light reflection efficiency and ensures the reflection is more even.This folding beauty dish is available in 65, 85cm, and 105cm, 150cm size

Illuminate Your Beauty Effortlessly

Unleash your inner radiance with our 105cm White Bowens mount Beauty Dish Softbox. This revolutionary lighting accessory is designed to transform your photography and enhance your subject’s beauty. The beauty dish softbox offers a stunning and even illumination that leaves your photos looking nothing short of perfect. Crafted for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this product is your secret weapon for capturing captivating images.

 Versatile Design for Creative Control

This versatile beauty dish comes equipped with a Deflection Disk, allowing you to customize the light to your exact needs. Whether you’re aiming for soft, diffused lighting or a more dramatic look with shadows, this softbox has you covered. The included grid further refines your control, making it ideal for fashion, portrait, and beauty photography. No matter the effect you desire, our beauty dish delivers.

 Durability and Portability in One

Crafted with precision and built to last, the 105cm White Bowens mount Beauty Dish Softbox is a reliable companion for every photoshoot. The high-quality materials ensure its longevity, making it a wise investment for professionals. At the same time, it’s remarkably easy to transport, ensuring you can capture stunning shots on the go. Its compact design ensures it won’t weigh you down while offering uncompromised performance.


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