Godox 7 Colors Universal Gel Filter and Velcro Holder


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* Godox 7 Color Gel Filters which gives great lighting effects or color correction.
* Holder is a universal fitting velcro holder which straps around most strobes with a clear pouch slot to which the color filter can be
inserted in order to change the color filter effect.
* Applications are almost endless with these gel colors, you can use the filter kit for cool effect backgrounds, enhancing skin tone in
portraits, color correction, matching ambient, simulating lights and other special effects, etc.
* A Selection of 7 colors ,5 pcs of each color
* Fastened by Velcro and rubber band,easy to use Included filter holder fits most shoe-mount flashes
* Filters Size: 39mm x 80m

Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya


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