Nest 550 SLR Camera Tripod Professional Photographic Camera


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Nest 550 SLR Camera Tripod Professional Photographic Camera Light and Portable Micro Single Hydraulic Damping Tripod



1. Fashing, simple and portable, only 900g weight, can be carried anywhere, no matter indoors, studios or outdoors

2. Stable and light DV head, level and pitch angle are equipped with damping adjustment to provide buffer protection for heavy equipment.

3. Quick release plate, 90 ° flip, the camera can shoot horizontally, vertically, and obliquely, switch freely at any angle, you won’t miss any wonderful pictures.

4. The maximum load gets 3.5kg and the working height is from 470mm-1495mm, which meets the use of mainstream DSLR and MILC on the market, shooting can be no limits.

5. The crank controls the lifting, and the middle tube controls the speed of the lifting, makes professional within your reach.

6. The bottom hook can easily place backpacks and other heavy objects, not only increasing stability, but also be caring and practical.

Specification NT-550

Max. working


Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya


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